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We have excellent design and development talents, and have designed perfect products for clients-with CAD/CAE/CAM technolgy and use such software as UG, Pro/E, CIMA TRON.

We get well accomplishment through introducing advanced equipment, technology and improving the workmanship, device and production, meanvhile, we strictly control every step of production and improve the level of skill and quality of products.

- Product Design

R & D of new products from the customer (development) in the early stages, we have involved, from product appearance to the product details section, the use of advanced 3D design software on the computer out of three-dimensional design, and research review. The use of CAE software for plastic flow analysis, inspection and assembly interference checking. In this way, the beginning stages of product design can be high precision and high-quality confirmation. Mold is also thus be shortened delivery.

- NC Data Generation Processing

Advanced CAM software, the use of the design output of accurate data, the various parts on the machine to provide efficient processing program. 

- Mold design

Efficient use of design software (Pro / E) for 3D design of the mold, from embryo to die ejector, cooling systems, standard parts and so enter the server as a database, designed to quickly bring up the use of the whole assembly of complete three-dimensional mold . Achieve efficient mold design, precision and standardization.

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